2015: Mostly spent quietly as Janne busted his foot to pieces in January while we were celebrating with the band. A few songs were written though, and 2016 will see a more active Dead Samaritan. And who knows, maybe even a new album already!

2014: The release of the second album, "The Devil Tunes", on 12th of September. It is promoted in Finland by Metal Asylum Productions.
August already saw the release of split/compilation CD "Five Ways to Die" released by Peruvian The Pain Fucktory Records. The CD includes three remastered songs off DEAD SAMARITAN's "Counting the Body Toll" demo, and songs from bands like CEASELESS TORMENT, MMD, MOURNED BY FLIES and MORBID ROOTS.

2013: The band announces a new worldwide promotional contract with a Dutch company Metal Revelation.
The recordings of the second album began in November.

The 10th of December 2012 will see the worldwide release of DEAD SAMARITAN's first full-length album entitled "The Only Good Samaritan..." via British label Casket Music.

2011 has witnessed DEAD SAMARITAN working hard on new material, which is almost enough to make a full-length already. The band has also made a few live appearances and one of the gigs got recorded for video purposes. In May DEAD SAMARITAN signed a few months long deal with The Pain Fucktory Promotion & Booking Agency in order to boost the band in South America.

The release of Counting the Body Toll with the new line-up. The recording was made with mr Henri Virsell at his studio. DEAD SAMARITAN also made their first appearance with the new line-up at Varjobaari, Tampere, with their fellow band NATION DESPAIR. The place is very small, but it was packed with people and it made the band feel very happy and confident about their live presence. More gigs were to follow during the year. The singer Valendis Suomalainen gave birth to her daughter on October, but she will continue fully with the band "business as usual". The band also participated on a metal compilation called D.O.P. 3 with the track Laid to Waste.

Rehearsing and making new songs. New full line-up in December with the following members: Valendis Suomalainen, Matti Viholainen, Marko Saarinen, Eero Virtanen and Janne Honkanen. Valendis also sings for HEREM and Matti and Eero have the band STANDARD ISSUE DEATH.

Return from the hibernation that lasted for a couple of years. At first it was just Marko and Janne warming up some of the old stuff, but soon the plans started getting more serious, and the idea of a whole, fresh new start came up.

On hiatus.

In the beginning of 2006 the bassist Marcus Moberg had left to concentrate to his guitar duties in DEAD IN THE WATER (with Putte on guitars and vocals) and the band only rehearsed like once. Since Marko was quite drained out of energy, Eetu had some new furious song ideas, but Marko had too much to do at work and getting his studies finished, so the band just went on a hiatus.

The Bone Hill Revelation demo had so much positive attention, it also caught the eye of many gig organizers. So the year was more or less spent on doing gigs.  Later that same year Jussi Leppänen had to leave the band and the guitarist Eetu Tingander (now the bassist/vocalist of NATION DESPAIR fame) was recruited. DEAD SAMARITAN played their last gig before the hiatus in Hämeenlinna at the Rocklinna Metal Fest with him.

Much more intense rehearsing and the result was the first demo Bone Hill Revelation under the new band name. The positive reactions from the media and the audience surprised the band, and it deserved them a lot of good attention.

The band replaced Teemu with Jussi Leppänen on the second guitar and soon they changed the name to DEAD SAMARITAN. New songs seemed to be a lot tighter and more rehearsal time was spent.

More rehearsing was done and the second demo called Dark Matter was recorded. It moved the level up a notch and deserved the band their first gig ever. It was played in Lahti at Hell On Earth III with the likes of FUNERIS NOCTURNUM, NOWEN and GLORIA MORTI.

On 4th of January guitarist Marko Saarinen discussed with drummer Janne Honkanen at a metal festival in Hämeenlinna that they should start a metal band. Since Marko had already played a lot in different bands with vocalist Pasi "Putte" Lehtinen, he wanted Putte to be their throat. Soon they found the bass player in one certain Marcus Moberg (an alias for Markus Maltari). who was also an old acquaintance and a friend from previous bands. Later that summer the band recruited a second guitarist Teemu Raunio, who is also known today as the Antinist of the band SIGHTLESS. During the autumn the first demo called First Kill was recorded under the now beculiar moniker THE BEAUTY OF DYING. Though the band name may sound quite gothic, the music was death and thrash metal from the very beginning.